Logistics & Warehouse

Logistics & Warehouse

Intelligent logistics warehousing management has been widely applied in various industries. The RFID warehousing information management system can improve the transparency of supply chain management and inventory turnover, effectively reduce the loss of stock out, and improve the efficiency of warehousing and logistics within the enterprise. The intelligent warehouse information management system is composed of an RFID handheld terminal and an RFID warehouse information management system installed in the mobile terminal.



1. Inventory data collection and analysis

2. Inventory get in and get out management

3. Fast scanner and check

4. Product loacate and information query online


Improve the efficiency and accuracy of ex-warehouse&warehousing and inventory checking, convenient and quick to query all information of the product online, solve the problem of warehouse information lag, improve the timeliness and accuracy of information.

Post time: Apr-06-2022